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If you have purchased a MarColMar Product and it did not have a manual, OR if you lost your manual, here is where you can find all of them available to download and use for your reference. Please remember all of these manuals are Copyrighted, and MarColMar Firearms LLC retains the sole rights to distribute, print, hotlink, and copy them. You are free to print one copy for your individual use, but that is the limit of any rights MarColMar Firearms LLC grants to these manuals. Thank You!

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pdf AK 74 Manual ( pdf, 846 KB )
pdf CETME L Manual ( pdf, 8.37 MB )
pdf PKM Manual ( pdf, 845 KB )
pdf UK 59 Semi Manual ( pdf, 155.08 MB )
pdf UKM Adjustable Gas Block Manual Addendum ( pdf, 4.85 MB )
pdf UKM Manual ( pdf, 2.42 MB )

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