Suppressed Locking Piece & Thread Adaptor Suppressed Locking Piece & Thread Adaptor for the CETME L - NOW AVAILABLE!.. Product #: LKPTHRADPTR Regular price: $125.00 $125.00

Suppressed Locking Piece & Thread Adaptor

Price: $125.00

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ITS FINALLY HERE!  MarColMar Firearms has developed a reduced force locking piece for the CETME L, as well as an M12x1RH to 1/2x28 thread adaptor, so you can use your AR-15 suppressors on the CETME L.

If you shoot your CETME L suppressed, you need a reduced power locking piece.  The increased pressure from the suppressor will rapidly wear your mainspring and buffer spring, and can even damage your CETME L if the bolt carrier over travels from the increased pressure.

MarColMar developed this 40 degree locking piece after a lot of research and testing.  By installing the new locking piece, you will keep the pressure curve in your CETME L correct, and will reduce the wear and possibility of potential damage from shooting suppressed.

The thread adaptor installs on your CETME L's standard M12x1RH barrel threads and provides a 1/2x28 thread for your AR-15 suppressor.  Simply remove your flash hider and thread it on. 

NOTE: While MarColMar made every attempt to throughly test with suppressed CETME L suppressor and ammo combinations, it is virtually impossible to test EVERY configuration our users can make.  Shooting your CETME L suppressed still requires you the owner and user, to be mindful of the forces the gun is experiencing, and any damage that may occur from excessive bolt travel.  In addition, you may need to experiment with different ammo and suppressor combinations to ensure proper and reliable operation.  We tested with AAC and GEMTECH suppressors, using standard 62 grain 5.56 and .223 ammo, and found this to be the perfect combination.

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