First Gen Handguard - VERY RARE CETME L, LV Mainspring -SUPER RARE NEVER SEEN IN THE USA!  FIRST IMPORTATION!.. Product #: CETMELFIRSTGENHG Regular price: $200.00 $200.00

First Gen Handguard - VERY RARE

Price: $200.00

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THIS IS IT!  We found what most had said was impossible to locate... but found in a Spanish warehouse, we were able to find a couple hundred of the very rare First Gen Handguard, complete with heatshield.

These show storage wear, but look like they may have never been issued.  They fit on our CETME Ls, and look fantastic!  Holding them in your hand fitted on the CETME L, its very reminiscient of holding an M16 with the first generation handguard.

These are rare, and we were told these had been destroyed long ago.

Unfortunately they knew they were rare too, so we had to pay up for them!  But you'll be able to add an incredibly rare piece to your CETME L!

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