Cetme L & LV Furniture Set - Green New Manufacture - Nylon 6 - Better than Original.. Product #: CETMEFURNGR Regular price: $125.00 $125.00

Cetme L & LV Furniture Set - Green

Price: $125.00

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This is a replacement furniture set for the CETME L, exactly reproduced by MarColMar Firearms - in Spanish Green.

This furniture replaces the original CETME L pieces - originally made from Polypropelene, which are now degrading due to age, and marked up by hard use.

Our furniture is made from Nylon 6, it feels better in the hands, is more heat resistant, stronger, does not degrade, and takes much greater impacts without scratching or denting.

Simply add your heatshield to the handguard, and it will slip directly on to your CETME L.


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