Barrel - Standard Profile - CETME L & LV CETME L, LV Barrel - Cold-Hammer-Forged, 1in7, Nitrided - New Manufacture.. Product #: CETMELBARRS Regular price: $215.00 $215.00

Barrel - Standard Profile - CETME L & LV

Price: $215.00

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Our brand new CETME L barrel.  THIS IS SIMPLY THE BEST CETME L BARREL EVER MADE!  MarColMar started with a cold-hammer-forged 1-in-7 blank, had it turned to original outer dimensions, chambered for 5.56/.223, and fluted per the original CETME L barrel specs.  We also added a more efficient chamfer to the barrel to aid in cartridge loading, and had the whole barrel nitrided for incredible strength and wear resistance.  The barrel threads are the original CETME L spec of M12 x 1 RH.


16.1 inches long

1 in 7 barrel twist - just like the original


Fluted Chamber - 5.56/.223

Nitrided for Extreme Durability and Wear Resistance

Threaded, M12 x 1 RH

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