Springs - Survival Kit - CETME L & LV CETME L & LV Spring Survival Kit.. Product #: CETMELSURVIVAL Regular price: $60.00 $60.00

Springs - Survival Kit - CETME L & LV

Price: $60.00

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This is our newly manufactured set of springs, developed from our extensive high-speed video and photographic analysis of the CETME L action under fire.  Whe found that basically ALL of the springs contained with the original kits are practically worthless.  They were manufactured using 80's technology, now using outdated materials, some having been greatly used, and in some cases have taken a 'set.'

Have a CETME L that won't run from another manufacturer?  Building a CETME L on a kit?  These springs may be the key to getting everything running right!

Our survival kit contains every spring you need to keep the CETME L and LV running just right:


Buffer Spring

Hammer Spring

Firing Pin Spring

Extractor Spring (x2)

This would provide you with coverage for thousands of rounds of use.  Great to have spares set back should they ever be needed.  In addition the survival kit SAVES YOU MONEY by providing the most used springs at a significant discout... separtely the would cost $76, The survival package is $60!


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