Jig - Bending - Rental - CETME L, LC, & LV CETME L Bending Jig Rental.. Product #: JIG Regular price: $300.00 $300.00

Jig - Bending - Rental - CETME L, LC, & LV

Price: $300.00

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THIS IS IT!  If you like to build your own firearms, now is your chance to build a CETME L with the best bending jig ever made for this firearm!

Its easy... buy one of our builders kits here online, and also rent this jig to bend your MarColMar CETME L receiver flat.

You put a deposit of $300 down on your credit card... then we mail you the jig.

Once you get it, bend your flat, and then package it up and send it back.  The charge is just $50 a month.  If you get it back within two weeks, we will rebate you $20, so it only costs $30.

Once we receive it the jig, we will also credit you back the deposit minus the monthly rental and the shipping of the jig to you.

We now have three jigs, so this should cut down the wait time substantially!



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