CETME LV/S - Green - GEN 2 The CETME LV/S Special Limited Edition - with authentic British SA80/L85 SUSAT 4x Scope.. Product #: LVS Regular price: $2,400.00 $2,400.00

CETME LV/S - Green - GEN 2

Price: $2,400.00


The CETME LV/S was specially prepared by CETME for the elite Spanish Marines Special Forces Group Unidad de Operaciones Especiales, perennially ranked as one of the top five special forces groups in the world.  This design utilized a welded SA80/L85 rail on the CETME L receiver, and paired it with the L12A1 SUSAT (Sight Unit Small Arms Trilux) 4X scope, to provide faster target acqusition, sighting, and greater accuracy at longer ranges.

The SUSAT was one of the first combat optics adopted for use on a standard-issue infantry rifle.  The SUSAT features a post reticle, with a large field of view and incredibly high-quality optical glass, to provide a bright and sharp image.  The scope's mount is incredibly rugged, and the sight is still used in militaries all over the world.  This was the largest importation of the SUSAT scope to date, as the sight is still strictly controlled for export by the UK.

The higher mounting of the LV/S optic may look awkward by today's standards. However this is by design, and is due to the SUSAT's short eye relief; in use, the soldier was trained while holding the rifle, to place the top of their brow on the eye-cup. Due to the CETME's remarkably low recoil impulse, the short eye-relief is not an issue as long as the rifle is held firmly to the shoulder. Once the brow is placed on the eyecup, the high-quality, brightness and clarity of the optical glass is apparent, and the wide field-of-view and allows the user to locate and engage targets easily. This is no low-grade optic! The short eye-relief design, and eye placement requires a "heads-up" posture or stance versus long eye-relief scopes, and requires the taller mount. Once the user shoulders the LV/S and can see through the optic, it becomes apparent that the height of the mount allows the user to readily locate and engage targets, and fire the rifle with ease. (See the included picture of a Spanish Marine using his issued LV/S).

MarColMar built this faithful reproduction by copying an original CETME SA80 rail mount.  We then utilized a medium contour barrel, made from our cold-hammer forged 1-in-7 blank, which is profiled, chambered, and fluted by RCM.  The barrel is wider under the handguard to reduce barrel whip and provide greater accueracy.  The barrel is then nitrided to provide extreme hardness and durability.

We use original Spanish surplus CETME L parts, a new made in the USA receiver, brand new US made furniture, all finished with Cerakote ELITE series, to produce a beautiful new firearm that is now optimized for US STANAG M-16/AR-15 magazines.  But MarColMar didn't just copy the CETME L, they employed the newest materials and manufacturing processes (like robot welding) to produce a rifle even better than could be built in the 1980's. 

This rifle should prove to be quite the collectors item in the future, especially since it includes the original and hard to get SUSAT sight!

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity!

CETME LV/S Rifle finished in Spanish Green Cerakote

Authentic British SA80/L85 L12A1 SUSAT 4X Scope

Original Styrofoam L12A1 SUSAT case

MarColMar SUSAT sight tool

30 round STANAG Magazine (where allowed by law)

MarColMar CETME L Manual with Translated Spanish Manual

Action Lock

1 Year Warranty Card

Slip 2000 Oil

Custom shipping box with shipping sleeve

Brand new USA receiver - from a 4 station progressive die - 600 ton press

Robot-welded, die-folded receiver

16.1" Cold-Hammer-Forged medium-contour barrel, chambered in 5.56/.223, fluted to original specs, nitrided, enhanced chamfer for better feeding

New USA furniture modeled just like the original Spanish furniture, with upgraded materials - Nylon 6 NOT Polypropelene

ATF Approved semi-auto design

Mag feed optimized for STANAG M-16/AR-15 Magazines

Finished in Cerakote Elite Series by a certified Cerakote installer

922(r) Compliant using 8 imported parts

1 Year Limited Warranty on parts and workmanship



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